SMART Prep Online Tutoring

Tailored to Fit Your Child's Needs, Every Step of the Way

SMART Prep Online Tutoring

Solely Dedicated to Improve Your Child's Knowledge and Skills!
SMART Prep's online tutoring sessions deliver highly personalized lessons
developed entirely based on what your child need to learn.

The Results Speak for Themselves

SMART Prep's highly effective and personalized
approach to GPA management and college admission
prep produces real results. Contact us today and
discover how our online tutoring program can help
your children to improve their academic career.

What Subjects
Are Covered?

  • AP English/ Mathematics/History/ Sciences
  • SAT II English/ Mathematics I & II/ History/ Sciences
  • Elementary & Middle School Subjects

What Makes SMART Prep's Online Tutoring Different?

Get Answers in Real-time

SMART Prep's live online classes allow for real time interaction between the students and their favorite teachers, enabling students to get the detailed explanations, specific feedback, and targeted instruction during class that is vital to success.

Setting Up and
Taking Classes is Easy as 1-2-3

Featuring an intuitive interface and simplified set up
process, SMART Prep's online classes are easy to set up
and use. In addition, SMART Prep staff is on call to assist
you and provide step-by-step instructions if needed.

How Does SMART Prep's Online Tutoring Work? At the heart of SMART Prep's online tutoring sessions is a constant cycle of student assessment
and personalized curriculum development to adapt and adjust to your child's needs.
This exceptional level of personalization has always been the reason behind the success of many of our students.

Higher Test Scores, Better Future
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